January 12th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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Poem in honor of "The Way To Eden" which I have just watched so I can review it tomorrow; one of the silliest Star Trek episodes ever, yet I hold deep affection for it, particularly since Spock is so sympathetic to the hippies. In a funny way, it has dated less than some of the episodes less obviously about the '60s -- the music would have been terrible in any era, but I miss the swing toward impractical idealism.

After getting lost all over Fairfax, I had a lovely lunch with juleskicks, whose birthday present I forgot (and she brought me The Princess Diaries so I doubly suck), but none of these foibles could make the Indian food any less UTTERLY FABULOUS OMG and we discussed the history of the Justice League, our mutual meh-ness about BSG, how I need to show her the Gina Torres episodes of HTLJ, smashers vs. intellectuals and something that seems like it should have been obvious years ago: the reason there have been so many incarnations of James Bond is because JAMES BOND IS A TIME LORD! I think it's also why he's 1) invincible and 2) good with gadgets (I'm sure he has a sonic screwdriver somewhere in his collection of goodies).

From there I went back around the Beltway and up 270 to the Borders in Gaithersburg in search of a book and a nunchuck for sons (still no luck -- they had a retro controller, not a nunchuck, waah!) Despite this lack of success, I found The Ultimate Design Source Book for Crafters on the bargain table for $9.99, which has dozens of public domain Celtic graphics and Art Nouveau and a whole bunch of alphabets, including one where all the letters are cats, so it was a worthwhile trip. Rushed home to get younger son -- older son had Shakespeare Club till right before dinner -- did all the household stuff that did not get done earlier, had pizza, watched Smallville where I had no idea that Tori Spelling was going to play a bitch gossip columnist! Collapse )

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So David Beckham is moving to the US. I wonder whether the kids' soccer team will go see DC United play LA again. *ggg*