January 14th, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Since it's January, we couldn't hope for another weekend with temperatures like last weekend's 74 degrees, so we had to settle for...low 60s. I'm not sure where January got lost but other than a few hours in the 40s last week, it hasn't arrived yet. We went to Riverbend Park along the Potomac in Virginia, above Great Falls, where the river is very wide and slowly encroaching on the surrounding woods. There's a nature center with snakes, toads, turtles, and exhibits on local dinosaurs and Native American cultures. Last time we were there, it was early spring and there were bluebells everywhere; today there were only occasional confused spots of spring green, but there were geese and gulls and white oak framed against a stormy sky. It started drizzling when we started hiking and kept it up while we were in the woods, but it never rained hard enough to make it cold or unpleasant, and the river smelled good.

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The rest of the afternoon and evening were taken up with football, with a break for dinner. I rooted for the Ravens, who lost to the Colts, which is of double annoyance to longtime Maryland residents because the Colts were Baltimore's team until they snuck out of town in the dead of night to move to Indianapolis (and then Baltimore stole the Browns from Cleveland and caused more bad feelings). I was torn about who to root for in the Eagles-Saints game...New Orleans deserves a break but there is a local hero on the Eagles, a player who went to my high school, and when the Redskins are terrible they're who I root for in the NFC East, so I rooted for Philly and of course they lost. I care much less about Sunday's games (younger son is rooting for the Seahawks, because "they're birds," while older son, like me, is rooting for the Bears, because he was born in Chicago). It's supposed to rain, so perhaps I can get people to go to the movies.

Heads up for gblvr: Andy Robinson is in The Los Angeles Times today! Here!