January 15th, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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Since this state can't decide exactly to what degree to take MLK weekend seriously -- we have trash and recycling pickup on Monday, though no school -- younger son had Hebrew school on Sunday morning meaning we couldn't get out early and do something before the rain arrived. By the time he was home, it was 65 degrees again but raining, and since we are going downtown next weekend to the family Medieval Merriment Day at the Corcoran and the fantastic creatures at National Geographic, we decided not to schlep down there this weekend and opted to go to the movies. I had very nearly talked the family into seeing Dreamgirls, for which I even had a free ticket at a local theater -- and, I mean, I have been waiting for this musical on film since I was very young, I could have pushed harder -- but sensing the general apathy around me and playing a hunch, instead I pushed in a different direction and we went to see The Queen. There were two overriding factors here for me: one was that I have never seen a Stephen Frears movie that I thought was less than wonderful -- The Grifters and Dangerous Liaisons being two of my all-time top five -- and another was, you know, Helen Mirren as HRH OMG rule over me PLZ! *ahem* Collapse )

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And huzzah, Rome is back! The first episode had more violence than I'd prefer and not enough sex, though I was so happy to have a new one that I didn't mind all that much. Collapse ) Plus Orlando Bloom playing an obnoxious version of himself on Extras that was hilarious! Playoffs: Patriots and Bears won, which is all to the good as far as I'm concerned (will be happy either way in the NFC, was going to root against the Colts either way in the AFC). Monday we are taking younger son to see Happy Feet on the IMAX screen at the Maryland Science Center, and it's supposed to be 65 degrees again, so I shall be enjoying the harbor in Baltimore in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Here in case you want to read it is "I Have a Dream".