January 16th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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We went to Baltimore early to see Happy Feet on the IMAX screen at the Maryland Science Center. The museum was mobbed, probably partly because most Maryland school districts were closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and partly because Happy Feet was selling out all its showings -- ours was packed. My in-laws met us at the museum -- they had not seen the movie before, and were impressed with it -- then we all went out to lunch at the Harborplace food court, where I had excellent crab cakes and fries. It was nearly 70 degrees even by the water; even the ducks looked confused.

My in-laws had to get home to take care of their elderly, ailing dog, so we went without them to the National Aquarium. It was already 3 p.m. and both kids had homework to get home to, so we went quickly through the Australia and main buildings without seeing the dolphin show. Ironically, since the science museum had been so crowded, the aquarium was as empty as I have ever seen it and we got to spend lots of time in front of the tide pool exhibit and things that are often too mobbed to see properly. We couldn't find the baby puffin in the North Atlantic seabird exhibit and the golden lion tamarins were already out of the rainforest for the evening by the time we got up there -- apparently they wreak havoc after dark if left to wander in there -- but the poison dart frogs weren't hiding today and the flying foxes were out!

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We had to stop at the food store on the way home, so didn't have dinner till 7:30 and then it was time for the Golden Globes. I missed the whole pre-show except for the credits, so I need someone to explain to me why Jake Gyllenhaal was performing "And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going" complete with wig! Younger son had only one concern -- would Happy Feet win awards -- so his mood swung wildly during the early part of the evening. Collapse )

Was reading about planned uterus transplants and feeling alternately really lucky that I had no problem getting pregnant and kind of astonished at the risks people will take to have a biological child. If I'd had trouble getting pregnant, I am pretty sure we would have adopted without going through the more extreme infertility treatments, but maybe that's easy for me to say because we never had to face the issue. I just keep thinking about the health hazards and expense of transplanting wombs versus all the kids who may never have loving families (there will be more of those if Virginia passes its latest round of abortion restrictions, too).