January 17th, 2007

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Poem for Wednesday

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It's interesting that Boston Legal had a storyline about how overextending public school teachers has caused all but the worst to quit the profession, because much of my day was occupied with one of the dregs that's left. I don't mean my son's classroom teacher, who has been very receptive to his needs; I no longer know how else to evaluate "good" teaching because we had a horrible experience with one of the alleged "best" teachers at the elementary school when my older son had her, yet I can say definitively that his current classroom teacher seems to appreciate his skills and keep him challenged and to cover the curriculum, though she isn't the teacher other parents seem to be nominating for awards. The teacher who is making our lives miserable apparently has authority issues (the classroom teacher as much as said so) but he's stuck with her for science once a week till the end of the school year and I have done everything I can to make her see reason, which only seems to be making things worse. It's like, given the teaching-to-the-test and local requirements and oversized classes and all the rest, the profession these days attracts only people who want power over kids instead of people who love teaching them.

Besides dealing with that, I had a reasonable day. Wrote yet another stupid article about what may or may not happen in Star Trek XI if William Shatner does or does not appear. Went shopping for a leather AmeriBag healthy back bag only to convince myself that I didn't want to spend that much for a purse. And Amazon.com delivered my Doctor Who season two DVD set, so I very happily watched "School Reunion" and "The Girl in the Fireplace" (the original plan was to watch with commentary on but then I just got in the mood to enjoy them unimpeded, so I did). Was interrupted by dinner and younger son's return from Hebrew school, plus was folding laundry all the while, but ended up with the entire family watching with me -- Russell T. Davies has converted all of us, it seems.

Anyway, back to Boston Legal...I never don't adore it, but some weeks it seems like it's trying so hard to be topical that it seems to be straining, and this was one of those weeks. Between the Homeland Security storyline, the peanut allergy in the classroom, Clarence's dating woes and Denise's dancing around Alan, Brad and Jeffrey, I was sort of tired out by the end of it. Collapse )

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