January 19th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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In case I have not sung the praises of the miracle of Imitrex recently, allow me to sing the praises of the miracle of Imitrex. I try not to take it, because I'm afraid I'll build up some kind of resistance and one day it won't work and that will be a nightmare, but after the Advil and then the Excedrin failed me and the storm front was still hours away according to the weather report, I gave in and took my pill and life is so much better. I get all kinds of funny symptoms from it not listed on the immediate side effects -- tingling in my extremities, extremely dry mouth -- and a kind of euphoria but I can never tell whether that's from the medicine itself or from the removal of the pain. Stupidly, I waited till after lunch to break down and take the pill, so miriya_b was probably bored with my whingeing, though I am pleased to report that California Tortilla's tortilla soup is a good temporary measure when one needs one's sinuses clear.

Spent the morning rearranging the videotapes and DVDs to fit in all the DVD sets people got for Chanukah that had not yet been put away, since I couldn't concentrate or look at a computer screen; spent the afternoon testing younger son on vocabulary for the big class test tomorrow (he keeps spelling antithesis "antitheses" and I have not come up with a mnemonic to help him remember that the latter is the plural). Older son's bus got him to the stop early from Shakespeare Club so I had to fight rush hour traffic to pick him up, since apaulled was still quite a ways away. And I bought myself a black leather AmeriBag healthy back bag (well, ordered online because it was on a big sale at one of the big New York luggage stores) so I feel indulged.

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I was thinking that I enjoyed Smallville a great deal this evening, and it only just hit me that the episode was Lana-less! Lex is like a different character when all his interaction is with Clark and his father...I still miss the character he was a couple of seasons ago, and Lionel's a bit of a tame lion at the moment, but even so, it was so refreshing to see them interacting so much. Collapse ) Also watched Shark, which was superbly, creepily, upsettingly done, and though some awful things happened, I loved it for all the ways in which it was the opposite of The Silence of the Lambs...we are not led to find anything at all admirable or sexy or compelling about the psycho! Collapse )

I am ready for this week to end. I just hope it's on a better note than last Friday!