January 20th, 2007

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My mother got some new bookcases and cleaned out everything left in one of the dressers in the spare bedroom, and she discovered a plastic hardware case of the sort that most people keep nails and screws and things in but my sister and I used to keep cheap jewelry in, and it was half-full of old abandoned earrings that once belonged to my sister. When we went over for dinner, she asked if I wanted either the earrings or the case itself, and I took the case and six pairs of sterling silver earrings that cleaned up very nicely with a little polish, and I just spent the past three hours going through all my old earrings and reorganizing so I can actually find the ones I like and rediscovering ones I love that I never remember to wear because for the past many months they were trapped in a nest of wires. I feel ridiculously accomplished about this, particularly since I had to organize many small objects with two very interested cats "helping" me.

Otherwise it was a pretty good, relatively quiet day. Had lunch with gblvr -- a double serving of tom ka gai soup at Tara Thai, one of my favorite cold weather indulgences -- then went to Target with her. Came home, wrote the Site Columns at TrekToday and a review of The Cloud Minders", which I really tried to be nicer about but every time I thought about Spock's dialogue particularly in the Droxine scenes I had to play B.B. King singing "Better Not Look Down" to scrub my brain clean. Oh, speaking of the Thelma and Louise soundtrack, hey ribby! Did you know that Shel Silverstein wrote Great Big Sea's mermaid song, and "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan"? I just discovered that today!

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I think Saturday we are going to the Corcoran's Medieval Merriment Family Day, since this is the last weekend the Joan of Arc exhibit will be there. If it doesn't snow!