January 22nd, 2007

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Poem for Monday

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It started snowing before younger son arrived home from Hebrew school, so we stayed close to home...went to the mall briefly so the kids could get Madden football for the Wii (on the theory that it has to be better for them to play a VR football game than spend the entire afternoon watching the NFL playoffs) and found myself a camera bag at Ritz Camera, then came home and ate nachos and cheese while watching the Bears-Saints game (older son rooting for the Bears since he was born in Chicago, the rest of us rooting for the Saints because New Orleans could have used the publicity a Superbowl appearance would have brought the still-neglected city). The kids were already losing interest in football by the time the Patriots-Colts game started -- they had a friend over who was very impressed with the Madden game -- and though we were unanimous in rooting for New England, we had turned off the game by 8 and missed Patriots self-destructing, which is probably just as well.

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We had a very busy TV night with many conflicting interests -- football, Steve Irwin, Rome, Battlestar Galactica, The Dresden Files, Masterpiece Theatre...decided that I really did not have to do the virtuous thing and watch the Austen Bronte adaptation given my complete apathy toward all previous filmed versions of Jane Eyre (and just about every other Regency and Victorian-era novel), and then it was a matter of juggling what was going to rerun when. Since the kids have no school Monday, we opted to record Ocean's Deadliest at midnight, though we put it on from 8-9 so we saw the first half, which was kind of hard to watch..."If he wanted to kill me, he could, quite easily," Irwin says of a poisonous sea snake he's handling. Then we watched Rome, Galactica and Dresden back to back.

I love Rome so much...the way the Jews and the politics of Jerusalem get brought in! And how Antony doesn't just fall for Cleopatra like the romantic cliche but there are so many personal and political issues pressing on him. Collapse ) And I was ready to hate Galactica after all the producers' bragging about all the people they're going to kill off over the course of the rest of the season -- I will never trust MooreRon again, not since DS9 -- but that was a fantastic episode! Collapse ) The Dresden Files had a lot to live up to after those shows, and didn't quite manage it...I adore Terrence Mann from Broadway, I saw him in both Cats and Les Miz, but he seemed really over the top as the over-the-top written Bob, and the flashbacks seemed almost cartoony in their theatrics. Collapse )

How did I not know about the Harry Potter and Torah blog? (Discovered because Aish.com reprinted "Harry Potter and the Children of Ketura" -- "Did Jewish mystical books inspire the Sorcerer's Stone legend?"). Aish is in a very Harry Potter mood this week, as it also has an editorial on Rowling's spiritual obligation to give the series a happy ending...which I note does not mean that Harry must survive. Anyway, the article on the Kabbalah and non-Jewish magic is a lot more interesting. Hee, sometimes I need reminders why I love Aish because their Middle East politics drive me mad!

Hillary...was I supposed to be surprised after she put together the committee to look into the possibility? I just want a Democrat who can win. If that's her, great.
little review

Blog for Choice

Blog for Choice Day - January 22, 2007

I have written about this at length and gotten flamed every time. So I will simply link to my previous posts on the matter, some of which are locked to protect the privacy of the people doing the debating.

This is a very simple issue for me. Do what feels right to you, personally -- if that means never having an abortion, all power to you -- and otherwise keep your laws off my body and that of everyone whose belief system, faith, creed or politics are not identical with yours, on this and issues like gay rights, religious freedom, etc.