January 25th, 2007

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Poem for Thursday

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I would like to say I got lots done on Wednesday, but everything I got done was sort of mental housekeeping, not anything I can show off. Discovered that Tu B'Shvat and Imbolc coincide this year, a rather rare event given that the Jewish holidays move around all over the place in relation to the Western calendar, and since these holidays have quite a bit in common in terms of celebrating the sap running and the light of spring returning, am trying to figure out how to celebrate next weekend since my circle isn't actually celebrating Imbolc till the weekend after the Superbowl (which is very nice for me, since I am going to my oldest friend's annual Superbowl party on the first Sunday in February). Ended up digging up all sorts of ritual stuff and photos, and in the middle of all this, the rabbi who officiated at my son's Bar Mitzvah called -- he's still trying to recruit my son for the middle school confirmation class retreats, which my son has adamantly refused to do, but he is trying to work out independent study otherwise and we had a nice conversation about his new baby and stuff. And we scoffed at the state of dis-union together and the president...I don't think I could belong to a congregation with a rabbi who thought Bush was good for America, Israel or anything else.

Otherwise all the excitement I can report is getting my monopod delivered (I got a cheap one, sparowe -- figure I'll see how much I use it before committing to a really expensive one and this one got very good reviews), watching 1984 with older son because he decided he wanted to see it after reading the book and watching Equilibrium...we had taped it off TV nearly 20 years ago, a rather blurry copy, but it's not available for rent locally and when I looked to see how much it cost on DVD the prices were stratospheric so we made do with that! The performances are much better than the screenplay, which does not do justice to the book, and both kids found it rather slow after Equilibrium which I find rather amusing. Now I can't find my Eurythmics soundtrack and it's driving me nuts. At least I need "Julia" -- I have "Sex Crime" on their greatest hits CD. I have a horrible suspicion that I owned the soundtrack on vinyl! I also took younger son to violin where his teacher had gotten some orchids, which her daughter had adorned with hair clips:

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Trek news today was Nimoy talking photography and Patrick Stewart teaching at Oxford...hmm, he'll be there in April when I will, should I try to sit in on a lecture? And does anyone know where I can get ahold of the audio recording David Tennant did of Much Ado About Nothing for the BBC? *bats eyelashes*
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Finders Keepers?

So you know how I decided that the Tamrac Adventure 6 camera bag I bought at Ritz Camera awhile ago was probably a bit too small, and ordered the Tamrac Adventure 7 camera bag from Amazon.com?

Well, apparently I got someone's returned Christmas present. Because when it arrived today and I pulled it out of the box, it felt kind of heavy. And when I opened it up, there was a brand new men's Seiko watch in a padded gift box in the compartment. (Also a Christmas card and an empty Macy's gift card envelope.) I looked up the watch, and it looks like it retails for about $300.

Do I assume that this is a surprise from out in the ether? Or do I call Amazon.com to find out whether someone mistakenly sent the watch his wife gave him for Christmas back with his camera bag and has called them frantically trying to track it down?

ETA: Have Done The Right Thing (TM) and called Amazon.com. They are looking into it. I just hope that if they make me send the watch back, they give me a rebate on the backpack that obviously was shipped to someone else before it came to me!