January 27th, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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My younger son's school is apparently trying to drive me insane. Either that or someone there has a huge grudge against my family, but I can't imagine who. I got a letter (snail mail, in this era of phone calls and e-mails) from one of the magnet programs telling me that they had never received any of my son's recommendations -- not from his teachers, not from his guidance counselor. I know that his classroom teacher and guidance counselor at least filled out the forms, because the guidance counselor had lost hers and called to ask whether we had another and we had printed it out and rushed it over the day it was due. Somehow it never actually got sent, though. Now I must have everything sent again on Monday, assuming that all the recommendations are in the online database where they're supposed to be (they need the teachers' passwords to retrieve them and god help us if the science teacher has time to revise hers). And of course they'll be nearly a month late.

Yeah, it was not a terrific Friday. I ended up with a migraine, though I couldn't say how much is stress, how much is from having too much fatty, salty food quite possibly containing MSG yesterday and how much is weather and cycle related (I also didn't sleep well...whenever the heat is on round the clock, as it was yesterday because it was so cold, my skin gets very dry and itches and since I'm allergic to ingredients even in products marketed for sensitive skin, putting anything on it often makes it worse). I wrote a mediocre review of the worse-than-mediocre "The Savage Curtain", plus site columns saying goodbye to our book reviewer, and had dinner with my parents, homemade crab cakes which went a long way to restoring my mood. My mother had also found a watch pillow for younger son, so at least we had no hysteria at bedtime over this all-important issue.

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In the evening we put on Man of La Mancha, which is on On Demand till the end of the month. It's not a very good adaptation of the stage musical, but Peter O'Toole is very enjoyable despite not being the singer Richard Kiley is on the Broadway cast album, and Sophia Loren is quite moving as Aldonza even though they cut "What Do You Want of Me?" ("Why do you batter at walls that won't break?/Why do you give when it's natural to take?/Where do you see all the good that you see,/And what do you want of me?") and her voice can't compare to Joan Diener's.

The Kansas Chapel at the Daughters of the American Revolution headquarters, adjacent to the museum, based on the Sargent Chapel at the Central Congregational Church in Topeka with sunflower windows (in honor of the Kansas state flower) constructed from stained glass panels removed during a renovation of Wichita's Carnegie Library.

We're such wimps, we aren't going to the anti-war protest downtown because by the time older son is back from working at Hebrew school, the Metro will be crazy and we don't want to get stuck in the cold. I did send in my petition though!