January 30th, 2007

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Poem for Tuesday

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Stayed home today to avoid the cold, though it ended up not being too bad...mid-thirties, and tomorrow's supposed to be back in the forties, though tomorrow morning it may be in the teens. Took a walk and watched the squirrels panicking about the sudden chill, wrote an article about the upcoming Trek comic in the original Klingon (I have the edition of Hamlet that Pocket Books published in the original Klingon several years ago, and while I cannot read it, it is one of my favorite books not in English), watched the news on the death of Barbaro which has saddened my children, who will never be racing fans now, which I think is just as well. Made an attempt to catch up on weekend mail but so far it's hopeless -- I haven't even started on the comments on Harry Potter in American translation.

Went to bed too early last night to talk about the SAG awards -- I care much more that Forest Whitaker and Helen Mirren win, and even Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson, than I care about Best Picture (forgetting how amazing Whitaker in particular is, it would be awesome to have three of four acting awards go to African-Americans). I was busy watching Daniel Radcliffe on Extras, which everyone I know already watched on The Leaky Cauldron but I wanted to see on the big TV. That wasn't actually his mother playing his mum, was it? Diana Rigg is one of my goddesses so the opportunity to watch him hit on her was beyond priceless -- "Do you still have your catsuit from The Avengers?" And since all the celebrities on that show play our worst fantasies about them (Orlando Bloom as arrogant buffoon, David Bowie writing songs at the dinner table), Diana gets to lecture Daniel on his poor grammar and worse manners!

Loved Heroes even though it seems like the writing is less tight than it was when the series first started; in particular they're not exciting me with Niki, Micah and DL, which is a shame because all of them are really good performers, particularly the little boy. Collapse ) And courtesy the fabulous melinafandom, who is entitled to all the good fannish karma in the world, we watched the first episode of Torchwood! I already loved Captain Jack, but I must admit that my very favorite things about the Russell T. Davies shows I've seen are the women. Gwen is fabulous, and I had no idea Indira Varma was in the pilot because I never made it that far into the episode! Collapse ) Here in honor of the cold weather are a few photos just of flowers from the greenhouse at Wheaton Regional Park:

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Younger son's school found and sent off his forms for the magnet program that they had managed to lose, yay! And here's a quick link to iLoveMountains.org, the anti-mountaintop removal resource center, which I didn't know about until today (I love the EcoRebbe!). This touches my own state and is a devastating situation both for the mountainous regions and for the rest of us since global warming is a direct consequence of overuse of coal.