February 3rd, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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The kids' schools opened two hours late today due to winter weather, which is pretty ironic since we didn't have a flake on the ground or in the air in our part of the county until after they were already in classes. I ran out to the mall to get another origami calendar, since son wants to keep one with all the "recipes" as he calls them and fold the other (at $4 this is actually cheaper than buying a year's worth of good paper, and he has already taught his best friend to fold a penguin). Came home, ate my leftovers from Thursday's lunch, wrote a review of "All Our Yesterdays" which is indefensible as a "good" Star Trek episode but entertaining nonetheless. Picked up older son from his bus stop in hail and drove him on slippery roads to a friend's house. Younger son's best friend's report card apparently had some highly undesirable grades -- younger son ended up with a B in science, which is a hell of a lot better than I thought this teacher might give him -- and the friend's mother is apparently serious with her threat of military school, which has younger son somewhat traumatized.

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Spent the evening watching Shakespeare in Love with the kids, since it was on and they had never seen it, and the Gwyneth Paltrow factor is mitigated for me by the Judi Dench, Imelda Staunton, Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Simon Callow, Joseph Fiennes, Geoffrey Rush and Tom Wilkinson factors. Gwyneth's not bad in this one; even Ben Affleck's not bad in this one, though they are both overshadowed by everyone else as far as I'm concerned (I cannot forget that the Academy gave Gwyneth the Oscar that Cate Blanchett should have won for Elizabeth). The kids liked it and were attentive, probably because they got to see Gwyneth's breasts and hear discussions of Elizabethan toilet customs, but whatever works!

In belated honor of Groundhog Day, since I understand that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so we should have an early spring, I present the Pennsylvania groundhog I know best...Maximus, who lives in my in-laws' backyard in Hanover.