February 4th, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We had a mostly chore-oriented day out of the house, because one of our vans was in for servicing and we all had to go everywhere together. So after retrieving older son from working at Hebrew school, we went: 1) to get haircuts (at the Hair Cuttery instead of Cartoon Cuts because the latter had more than a half-hour wait and the former had none, and we all like our haircuts and they were cheaper so I think we will do that again, especially since the kids are now above Cartoon Cuts' average age); 2) to Congressional Aquarium, which is right down the steps from the hair places; 3) to Ulta, which charges more than Sephora for perfumes I like and more than Target for my shampoo, so now I know; 4) to Appalachian Spring so I could show the kids the wonderful kaleidoscopes they have; 5) to Whole Foods for Indian sauces and Fig Newmans, plus all the pre-Superbowl samples they had of cheeses, chips and salsa, pretzels and mustard, fruit, etc.; 6) to Petco for cat litter, where younger son fell in love with a parakeet and we nearly had a meltdown getting him away; 7) to the mall to get a birthday present for one of my nieces; and 8) to pick up the other van.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was on cable, and apaulled and I hadn't seen it in at least ten years and neither of the kids remembered it although I know we watched it with them way back when, so we put it on. Younger son, who wanted permission to play video games but had been barred from them for the evening after complaining too much about having to practice the violin (because I Am Mean [TM]), protested that it was boring until the penguins showed up as waiters and then he shut up and enjoyed it. Older son has at this point seen enough old movies to have many points of reference, all of which he discussed aloud. I'm not a huge cartoon fan, though I have seen enough to get the "Kill the Wabbit" references, but I am a huge film noir fan, so my favorite moment remains Bob Hoskins discovering R.K. Maroon (what an ultramaroon!)'s last will and testament in the newspaper photo, magnified through the bottom of his whiskey glass.

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Collapse ) Have now spent several minutes consoling son after belated meltdown over not owning the parakeet, of whom I shall post a picture later in the week since I took one for him for posterity and he spent an hour liquefying it in Photoshop while I was out taking a walk at sunset, when the weather was chilly and the sky was magnificent. Apparently I Am VERY VERY Mean [TM] and even his father, who is generally labeled Not As Mean but Stupid, is now Mean as well. Have had to argue to make him finish his book for the Hebrew school charity read-a-thon and we just got his Hebrew school report card which was entirely positive. Sigh.