February 6th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I was very decadent today and did no work but spent the afternoon with dementordelta, buying shoes for walking around in England, eating Indian food and seeing Notes on a Scandal. The shoes are my fourth pair of Merrells -- I have black and sage nubuck Jungle Mocs, black leather Primo Mocs and now Tumbleweed Improv Mocs, because I have yet to find any evidence that these shoes can be improved upon for comfort and durability (my oldest pair is more than five years, worn almost daily for two, the soles are worn pretty smooth but the body of the shoes are fine) and they were on sale for $39.99. The food was fabulous -- this is a little place in Rockville that has a lunchtime buffet, one of the few local Indian restaurants that consistently has fish, and there was also tandoori chicken and curry and lentils and chick peas and all that good stuff.

Notes on a Scandal is superbly acted and really quite sad, though the characters who are saddest don't seem to acknowledge their own worst points, so one doesn't really see them changing and a lot of the situations seem doomed to repeat themselves one way or another. Dench and Blanchett were as good as I expected them to be -- in some ways I think Blanchett has the harder role, she has to come across as guileless and almost childlike without seeming utterly stupid in pretty unforgivable situations -- and Bill Nighy was wonderful. Collapse ) After retrieving the kids and having dinner, we watched Heroes and then Rome, both of which had some great stuff and some typical TV stuff. Collapse )

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