February 7th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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It is COLD here! apaulled, who usually drops younger son off at school, had a phone conference early this morning so I had to take him while it was still in single digits. Brr! After that I was in no mood for venturing out again until I had to, so I stayed in with two nice warm cats and read stuff about England and Wales. Son eventually came home and read the latest issue of Mad Magazine aloud to me while I was trying to write the latest Star Trek actor obituary (Tige Andrews and Lee Bergere both grew up in Brooklyn, studied in New York, worked on Broadway before moving to L.A. and did dozens of TV roles) and Scott Bakula possibly giving away the ending to Blue Smoke, which premieres on Lifetime next week, babbling in an interview.

Watched Kindergarten Cop with the kids, just because it was on...I know I suck, but I love old Schwarzenegger movies. Collapse ) And after that it was Boston Legal, which went to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind places in one of the most insane cases yet, gave a magnificent and rousing argument against a gay marriage ban in another, and had relationship angst up the wazoo! Oh, Brad, I know you're upset, but I am so disappointed in you and your clichés. Collapse )

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Younger son has an early orthodontist appointment and supposedly there will still be snow on the ground in the morning and I hate driving in snow! Augh!