February 8th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Apparently it was still snowing at 5 a.m. when the Superintendent of Schools had to make the decision whether to close the schools in the county, so even though we only had about an inch on the ground, the kids were home today. Unfortunately for me, younger son had an orthodontist appointment and apaulled had an early phone conference with the division of his company in India, so although he volunteered to drive younger son so I didn't have to put up with the icy local roads that weren't plowed, I was awake even earlier than usual to get younger son up and ready to go! Older son slept till 10 so at least I had an hour to myself before younger son returned and his friends started coming over, so that by lunchtime I had four boys to feed. Leftover Superbowl chicken wings were very much appreciated!

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After lunch, younger son's best friend was planning an expotition to a far-off legendary sledding hill, but younger son did not feel like hiking so far with so little snow and when my mother invited us to come to the mall with her for ice cream and a walk somewhere warm, we all went. (As it turned out, younger son's friend crashed into something and may have broken his wrist...he was at the emergency room when we got back!) They had Dippin' Dots, my mother and I bought them Bionicles so they would have a project when we got back that did not involve computer games, then we came home and they built the Bionicles and I tried to get some work done. Looks like James McAvoy actually does want to be in Star Trek XI, which is a good choice if they insist on recasting for a prequel, particularly since McAvoy sounds like a serious Trekkie. Most other current Trek news is about the various rumors about whether Abrams is leaving Star Trek and Collapse ) The Abrams stuff was all in the Hollywood Reporter article about how Whedon has parted ways with the Wonder Woman movie, which makes me sad -- I guess Gina Torres probably won't get the role, either.

Obviously I don't watch Lost so Wednesday night TV was another episode of The Prisoner. Kids are largely unimpressed...I'm not sure if it's the stylized insanity or just the fact that they grew up so long after the Cold War that it all seems absurd to them. (I'd love to believe it's the sexism but I don't know if they notice that the way I do!) After that we put on that terrible Quest for Atlantis: Startling New Secrets on the Sci-Fi Channel and howled through the "Aliens!" parts...I guess we should have known since it was on Sci-Fi rather than the History Channel that it would be like that, and the bits on Hitler and the occult and Mediterranean underwater archaeology were pretty good, but the cheesy connections to Stargate and the sloppy science made it pretty laughable. Collapse )