February 9th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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It was a pretty good Thursday, all things considered. Was looking up some stuff because I said I'd write something about Tu B'Shvat and Imbolc for my circle and found some lovely online Goddess art galleries: Dream Weaver Gallery, Out of the Mists, Visionary Art (one reminds me of Susan Seddon Boulet, one of Kris Waldherr and one did the Sacred Geometry Oracle deck). I had lunch with gblvr and vertigo66 at Cheeburger Cheeburger in the shopping center with the worst parking lot anywhere, but the grilled chicken with jalapeno cheese was really good and afterward I stopped in the big Ritz Camera there and found, for $7.99, a little camera bag intended for one of those skinny new Coolpix cameras but it happens to fit my phone perfectly and it fits Tamrac's strap accessory system, so I can now attach my phone securely to my new camera backpack. (Am still looking for a way to pack my camcorder securely in very little space, since we only get one carry-on apiece and I really do not want to put it in packed luggage.)

In general it was a good day for my material covetousness. gblvr brought me honey body wash and scrub. Then I got home I got the package I ordered with an Amazon.com gift certificate, which had my new Bluetooth headset and Celtic Woman's A New Journey (beautiful recordings of "Beyond the Sea" and "Scarborough Fair" among other things). And because I am a dork, after looking covetously at expensive glass kaleidoscopes for a long time, I also got this $15 one, and while it is not an object d'art like the glass kaleidoscopes, it looks just as pretty inside as the crystals fall by, which is what I really care about. Plus I got a Valentine from Alan Rickman my girlfriend dementordelta with fan art, whee!

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Thursday night means Smallville, Shark and the last episode of the original Star Trek, which is a sad occasion and not just because the last episode is "Turnabout Intruder." (Which vertigo66 gave me on VHS as a birthday present a million years ago!) It's particularly painful to watch this the week of the Lisa Nowak insanity, and I find it so irksome that they make the episode all about Janice Lester hating being a woman rather than her frustration with institutionalized sexism or competence issues that have nothing to do with gender, like the Trill who steals the Dax symbiont on DS9 because he hasn't been chosen as a host (played by John Glover, sadly absent from Smallville again this week). Sigh. Ah well, on to reviewing TNG, the only Trek series I have never written up in any form, not even in fic. Next week, "Encounter at Farpoint"! And for now, Smallville...Collapse ) And Shark...Collapse )

Speaking of celebrities, Anna Nicole Smith...boy, I hope her husband is the father of that poor baby girl. And the other claimant backs off and lets the child have some semblance of a normal life. Can't take any more news. Off to play with my pretty kaleidoscope...