February 12th, 2007

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Poem for Monday

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My plan for Sunday afternoon was to go celebrate the Lupercalia with vertigo66, beeej and the rest of our circle, but beeej unhappily had a death in the family at the end of last week and this morning I got a call from the woman who coordinates the group to say that the woman who was going to host had had a family crisis, so the ritual was called off. This made me sad, but I got to talk on the phone with both vertigo66 and Nancy who puts together the rituals. She asked me for links about Jewish Pagan sites since I had told her about Tu B'Shvat and Imbolc falling on the same day, so I put together a bunch and spent some time reading them.

Then we took the kids for a walk at Cabin John Park, where there was ice over half the creek and we were surprised to see lots of evidence of beaver activity -- numerous gnawed trees, it looked the way Huntley Meadows did once upon a time! It was in the 30s all day but clear and not very cold in the sun, so lovely to be in the woods. Came home and, since I was not driving to Frederick, listened to a long Leonard Nimoy interview for a TrekToday article and wrote up some silly Trek news -- oh, and GMR finally has my Happy Feet review up! And speaking of penguins, sparowe sent me an article from the Christian Science Monitor on rare yellow-eyed penguins in New Zealand; I linked to it here in penguinpics.

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Watched the first two hours of the Grammys. Was bummed only to get one Police song, and not "Message in a Bottle" or "Every Breath You Take" at that, but loved the Eagles tribute and was delighted to see the Dixie Chicks pick up so many trophies (and even more after I turned it off, I see). Had to watch Battlestar Galactica...wow. Collapse ) Then we watched the late rerun of The Dresden Files, which was great fun -- werewolves! Another show where I'm up and down on the writing, but the acting is terrific and I really like the lead woman character, though I hope that like on Torchwood they let her be less gullible very quickly. (I prefer shows where the women are less sidekick-y and, if not in the Dresden-Doctor Who position, at least in a true ensemble like Boston Legal or Heroes.) Hey, at least Harvard will finally have a woman president, a former Penn prof no less. Ironically, I know the wife of the outgoing president -- she's the daughter of a friend of my mother's who used to teach at my alma mater as well.

They're threatening us with half a foot of snow tomorrow night! What are the odds? And could Daniel Radcliffe mention one more time that Gary Oldman advised him on how to be naked onstage, and manage to show off his belly while taking his coat off for an interview? I did like finding out that Kenneth Branagh was the one who told him to do Equus...I'm still holding out hope that Gilderoy Lockhart will return to the screen somehow, even though I'm sure his scenes from Order of the Phoenix were excised for the movie. I don't see why put him in the book at all except to remind us that he still exists so he can come back and do something in the last book!