February 14th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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The county had announced that schools would close early on Tuesday within an hour of my kids leaving the house, so I had another fairly disorganized day. Removed cat sleeping over heating vent. Ran out to get a bottle of wine for Valentine's Day, tried to rent The Illusionist but apparently everyone in Maryland decided to rent a movie before the snow hit full-force and there was a line winding all around the store so bagged that idea and went home. Removed cat sleeping over heating vent. Picked up kids, dropped older one off at a friend's house, tried to get younger one's best friend to help him search for his missing Pokemon Leaf Green game which has caused a great crisis. Removed cat sleeping over heating vent. Wrote up a reasonably long, interesting Scott Bakula interview and a reasonably short, tiresome Richard Arnold Thinks-He-Knows-Everything article. Removed cat sleeping over heating vent.

I see that Helen Mirren and Forest Whitaker won BAFTAs (and The Queen, though not Stephen Frears, aww). And that a British actress I don't know, Michelle Ryan, is going to be the new Bionic Woman on NBC, and Battlestar Galactica will have a fourth season, and The Dark Is Rising movie is finally going forward with Ian McShane as Merriman Lyon (I guess maybe they're planning to introduce the Drews later if the film is successful enough to warrant a sequel?)

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Watched the carnival episode of The Prisoner -- trial by Elizabeth I and Lord Nelson! -- then Ancient Discoveries, a three-part History Channel series on ancient Greek and Roman technological developments; in this case the episode was "Super Ships" and much of the episode was focused on underwater battering rams and large transport vessels. Then it was time for Boston Legal, where Clarence tried a case, Denny got Alan to represent him -- again -- and Jeffrey went to infinity and beyond. Collapse )

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you so much bronze_ribbons for my bookmark! And celandineb and sparowe for my chocolate! *g*