February 15th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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As predicted, Valentine's Day was a snow day, so instead of lunch out with my beloved gblvr, I had lunch at home with my entire family plus younger son's friend from up the street (who ended up eventually going home in tears because 1) he got hit by a snowball in a snowball fight that he started and 2) he couldn't recruit an adult to drive him to the local middle school so he could sled down the big hill behind it). The reason he had no more success recruiting us than his own mother to drive is the same reason apaulled stayed home all day and did his phone conference from here. Our neighborhood didn't see a plow till after noon, leaving one of our neighbors stuck in the middle of the street with his wheels spinning till a bunch of people helped push his car to the side. And then even after two passes, it took apaulled several minutes of shoveling and spinning the van wheels to take younger son to violin (late, again, like last week, because again we got thrown off by the snow day and forgot what time it was!).

Also as predicted, we had a fairly low-key Valentine's Day but I got the most wonderful present! Collapse ) And to think all I got apaulled was a box of dark chocolates and a decent bottle of wine. My mother had bought us some candy and small gifts for the kids -- younger son has yet another penguin, plus the little cat I bought him when he was shopping with me for Valentines. I did not get cards from other relatives, we're not a big Hallmark holiday family, but I got phone calls from both my sister (yet another conspiracy to get us to come to the expensive resort up near where they live this summer in honor of my mother's birthday) and my aunt from California, my father's brother's ex-wife, whom I missed on her birthday the day after mine in December and it's taken us this long to catch up! Hubby also made me a card, fannish as usual, though since it's from a Hercules: The Legendary Journeys AU, muccamukk and I may be the only people who truly appreciate it! I took out the personal note and added a generic Valentine greeting to the middle panel so it would make sense.

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Did something tonight I haven't done in more than a decade: watched the Next Generation pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint." I still don't love it, but it's a lot better than it was the first time I watched it. The last four seasons of Voyager and most of Enterprise have given me a love for Next Gen that quite eluded me when it first aired. Still not sure how to review this -- still can't bear Troi in this episode, though I learned to adore her, and developed a crush on Riker only after meeting Jonathan Frakes in a chance encounter in a Chicago hotel lobby. I still don't warm to Patrick Stewart, I have never warmed to Patrick Stewart, though I admire him as an actor, and the appeal of P/C has simply never been there for me, though about 3/4 of my friends who wrote Janeway/Chakotay started out there. We'll see what happens this time through!