February 16th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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The charm of snow days is definitely wearing off. My kids are actually getting a week-long mid-semester break...since they were sent home Tuesday afternoon, they have not been back at school, will be off again Friday, and since Monday is a holiday, they won't be back till next Tuesday (no word yet on when class Valentine's Day parties will be rescheduled or where stale candy should be stored). I therefore have very little to report that is not goofy news, like Jason Isaacs with a beard discussing Pinter, Lucius Malfoy as "unalloyed Nazi evil" and how he wants to be invited to a celebrity tennis tournament so he can play with Alan Rickman (*dies and wants pictures*), or my Star Trek stories for the day which consisted of J.J. Abrams almost certainly not directing Trek XI, unless he does, because he's going to make a Stephen King miniseries, or movie, depending on budget, if he directs that, and Patrick Stewart announcing that he is not an ingrate -- just a snob!

TV Thursday night included The Prisoner, since we got Star Trek out of the way Wednesday...there are many aspects I love about this show, specifically the paranoia and the contrast between the pretty Village and the totalitarian City Hall, but the sexual politics really irritate me...I realize that it is a product of its era, but it's not far off The Avengers which is vastly more enlightened. At least The Prisoner does have that excuse, though...Smallville has none! Once again we got endless Lana, not nearly enough Lex and absolutely no Lois or Lionel, waah! Collapse ) Shark was considerably more engaging...also somewhat predictable, but because it's topical. Collapse )

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