February 17th, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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Yet another snow day due to icy conditions on the sidewalks that make it impossible for walkers to get to school in parts of the county. Once again I was deprived of lunch with gblvr, but my father called and asked whether he could take me and the kids to Bagel City since my mother was at lunch with her friends, so we went out with him. The kids both wanted half of one thing, half of another so I had half whitefish salad, half nova lox spread while son #1 had the other half of the lox spread and half a tuna bagel with son #2 eating the other halves of the tuna and whitefish. Then I got my father to stop at a bookstore so I could get son #2 Swordbird, the fantasy novel by the 13-year-old girl, which he said sounded like a ripoff of the Warriors cat novels but wanted to read anyway.

Later I wrote a damned mediocre (in all ways) review of "Encounter at Farpoint" and we had dinner with both my parents -- spaghetti with meatballs and chicken, plus coconut chocolates they brought us back from Florida (just what we need two days after Valentine's Day, more candy!) Came home and I did some research for interviews Saturday at Farpoint while watching Weird Travels on the Travel Channel, the "Mystery Spots" episode, mostly about Machu Picchu, Sedona, and Glastonbury so the latter in particular was of great interest! We recorded Derek Jarman's film of Marlowe's Edward II after that, but I was barely watching, since I was trying to think up questions for Suzie Plakson, copying files to my portable hard drive and being led astray by a vampire. I haven't seen it since the early '90s when it came out and really must sit down and watch it again!

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My weekend will consist of several hours working at Farpoint on Saturday -- no time for fun, I'm doing a bunch of interviews and stuff for TrekToday -- then going to Pennsylvania for my father-in-law's birthday. Am hoping the roads near Gettysburg are better than the ones to the west, which were reported to be total nightmares!