February 22nd, 2007

little review

Lyrics for Thursday

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Sorry about that...The X-Files: Fight the Future was on Cinemax, and we haven't seen it in about seven years, since the show started to suck, and we only had it on videotape and wanted to burn it, so of course the entire family watched it...boy did that take me back! I loved those characters so much, and unlike most shows I could 'ship it in several different directions though Mulder/Scully were always overwhelmingly my favorite.

I needed to chill out this evening because I had a mammogram this morning, always such a pleasant experience, plus I had to get up extra-early because I needed to pick up my baseline records from the old lab with which my insurance no longer participates and take them to the new lab with which it does. No sooner had I returned home from that -- well, actually from taking myself to lunch at the mall near the medical center -- than I got a phone call from younger son's school telling me that he was in the health room with the same stomach bug that the rest of us had over the weekend (I did mention that I was up with older son from 5-6 a.m. Sunday morning, didn't I?) and I needed to take him home.

The day wasn't all stress. I got my Valentine's Day package from mamadracula, which included the Tarot of Jane Austen and the latest Pokemon movie for the kids. And apaulled let me have the last of the chocolate covered coconut patties my parents brought him back from Florida (I only got coconut scented body lotion, hmmph). And then there was X-Files, so in honor of Ash Wednesday and Scully's Catholicism:

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Now Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is on Cinemax and since I somehow did not manage to shut the TV, I am watching it. There needs to be crossover fic in which Barty Crouch, Jr. is really a possessed Doctor Who. Must go to bed...younger son has to get to school early for a field trip to Mount Vernon, if he feels well enough to go, and older son is staying late, so it may be an insane day!