February 25th, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Since I missed the maple sugaring festival my family went to while I was doing interviews at Farpoint, we all went to the annual Brookside Nature Center Maple Syrup Festival (2005 photos here). It was a very pretty above-freezing day, so the sap was flowing, the snow was melting and the park was mobbed -- we were lucky to get a parking place! Fortunately they had not run out of samples and they ran the film continuously all day about how the trees are tapped instead of only at certain times. There were lots of kids running around inside the nature center -- the snakes were actually awake. Since we were up near where she lives, we also went to visit perkypaduan and Georgie, and we stopped in Totally Fish, the Aspen Hill aquarium store, not as large and clean as the one in Congressional but it has 5-6' tiger sharks in a big open tank.

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A good thing I worked at Farpoint, too, because finally, J.J. Abrams has committed to direct Star Trek XI...a Starfleet Academy movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Last weekend I interviewed Harve Bennett, who wrote an Academy script that was greenlit several years ago -- which, according to Bennett, means that under WGA rules, they have to give him some sort of credit/compensation, or he can use legal means to hold up the movie. I will root for Bennett, since it would be so very like Paramount to screw over the original writer in favor of their Flavor of the Month who's already ten minutes ago. I don't watch Lost, so I don't have any opinion on it this season vs. last season, but given that the critics who cover television find Abrams-Cuse-Lindelof as arrogant as Aaron Sorkin (and boy is that saying something), I have little expectation that I will enjoy much about a Team Abrams Trek movie.

Am very bummed that the American Dime Museum is about to auction its oddities, including what's purported to be Amelia Earhart's finger mummified by cannibals and the world's largest rat (actually a stuffed capibara but who's being picky). But am still thrilled by Ever After, which we stuck on to record and ended up watching in the morning while older son was working at Hebrew school. Anjelica Huston terrorizing Drew Barrymore (who needs no mice to save herself) and Leonardo da Vinci designing Danielle's dress for the ball -- what better version of Cinderella could there be? And in the evening we finally got the conclusion to The State Within, after watching most of the second part over again plus a break for the BBC America rerun of Doctor Who's "Bad Wolf." Collapse )

They're still threatening us with snow tomorrow. May stay home, fold laundry and watch the Oscars.