February 26th, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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We were snowed in all day -- nearly four fluffy, beautiful inches that clung to tree branches and made heaps in the backyard and was generally lovely to look at but made going anywhere impossible, since we didn't get plowed until after 7 p.m. So we stayed in and did laundries and cleaned. Or, rather, I did laundries and cleaned younger son's room while hubby shoveled, and the kids attempted to create new disaster areas in the house and the snow to compensate.

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Stupid musical things I discovered: Collapse ) Our evening, of course, was the Oscars, starting with Barbara Walters whom I really do not like but watched anyway so I could see Ellen, Jennifer, Eddie and Helen. (I loved Helen refusing to answer questions about how she and Taylor Hackford started dating!) The highlight of the pre-show in this household, of course, was Mumble swimming from Antarctica to Hollywood and meeting people from most of the Best Picture nominees. Other than Happy Feet references and the occasional Pirates of the Caribbean nods, the kids weren't very interested in the awards until they were told to go to bed...then suddenly they wanted to watch everything. Collapse )

They have plowed our neighborhood and cleared our sidwalks, but we are supposed to get an ice storm at 4 a.m. so I am betting that the kids are home for some part of Monday. gblvr and I are weeks behind on a lunch date because of snow!