March 1st, 2007

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Poem for Thursday

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Had an antisocial day doing family stuff and liked it that way. Slept late, got up when kids went to school and rearranged some shelves in bedroom (not terribly necessary as my bedroom is the neatest room in the house). Was ready to take younger son to violin, but the teacher cancelled because she had gone on a field trip to Baltimore with her daughter and the bus was caught in Beltway traffic. Older son came home from school with a list of music he wanted to put on his mp3 player, had money, before I knew it I was downloading things like Akon's "Smack That," Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous" and Fergie's "London Bridge" -- none of which had I ever heard the full lyrics to before. Do I presume it's better that I know what he's listening to, since he has a radio in his mp3 player and is going to listen to what he wants anyway, and keep the eye-rolling and taking offense at lyrics to a minimum?

Younger son's best friend's mother had a baby yesterday so the friend spent all afternoon at our house and stayed for dinner. I got precisely nothing done, and the friend broke a fiber-optic lamp that had sat down my parents' basement for 20 years and worked yesterday when we put batteries in it...sigh. Well, the kid has far more chaos in his life than I do. When he finally went home we watched the terrible Next Generation episode "Code of Honor" so I can review it Friday...I will be so glad when we are through this season! Thought about watching Layer Cake on cable but I am so not in the mood for any organized crime movies or TV or whatever is being glorified this week whether it's The Departed or The Black Donnellys or this, even with Daniel Craig and Colm Meaney. Instead we watched the third episode of Torchwood, which was also about crime but found nothing whatsoever nifty about it, and was instead surprisingly passionate in its suggestion that criminals are haunted forever by their misdeeds. I am loving this show, but again it's not just Jack but Gwen who really makes it work for me. And this was a great Owen episode.

I was scanning photos for younger son's graduation ceremony video -- they want the originals and have promised to return them but I wanted copies just in case -- and found this picture of him at around six months old, in his Gymboree outfit, playing with bubbles and covered with mud, as happy as can be.

Due to skin cancer issues through my extended family, I have to have a mole on my neck removed tomorrow and even though it should not be a big deal, it will undoubtedly involve stitches and pain and make me cranky, like the last several. Sigh.