March 2nd, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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Not a day I want to remember. Neck: sore and itchy, and the stitches are so close to my hairline that it is absolutely impossible to keep a bandage on because the tape gets stuck in my hair and pulled around. Lunch: at Legal Seafood with mother since husband had a lunchtime meeting with some big honcho from corporate headquarters in New York, excellent as always, plus she bought me a micro back bag to use as a wallet with a strap so it can be carried independently as a purse, so that part of the day was very nice. Kids: let's just not go there. I want to throttle one (although, since I am his mother, everything he does wrong in his life is my fault, according to him) and the other wants to throttle me (because, since I am his mother, everything that goes wrong in his life is my fault, according to him). Evening: older son's annual school science expo, which was fine, crowded, less celebrity-laden than usual which was fine with me because instead of going to see local celebrity anchorman we left early. Night: drove home in pouring rain, took a bath with Alan Rickman informed older son that he is not listening to "Smack That" until he develops a better sense of what language is appropriate in which venue, played with my new kaleidoscope to stay calm. Tomorrow is another day.

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Yeah, very very tired. Maybe tomorrow I will have thought of something coherent to say about Tasha and the Poison Spike Glove of Doom.