March 3rd, 2007

little review

Poem for Saturday

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I slept absurdly late this morning, feeling like crap -- my immune system seems to go into overdrive these days whenever I have anything medical going on, and my glands felt swollen and my head hurt and my neck felt uncomfortable not from the stitches but from lying in weird positions to try to avoid putting pressure on the stitches. Was still trying to wake up when my mother called and asked if I wanted to run out to A.C. Moore with her to look for picture frames and stuff. While we were there, gblvr called, so I told her to come meet us for lunch (well, dessert for her since she had already had lunch) and we all sat around yakking. My only significant acquisitions were three pairs of St. Patrick's Day-themed fuzzy socks and a box of those band-aids that are designed to stay on knuckles, because those seem to be the only ones that stay on my neck without tearing my hair out.

Came home, wrote briefest possible review of "Code of Honor" (best advice: "Don't see this episode!") Read about the lesbian koalas in Australia and -- more significantly as a possible sign of the Apocalypse -- Switzerland accidentally invading Liechtenstein (a story that sounds like something Monty Python would make up, or The Onion, though not quite as funny as "Mason-Dixon Line Renamed IHOP-Waffle House Line," although maybe you have to be American to appreciate that). Got older son's interim grades...let's just say that his English grade at present does not make it any more likely that his video game restrictions will be lifted any time soon, which caused much woe and misery. Had dinner with my parents, came home and half-watched The Rolling Stones Rock & Roll Circus and Van Morrison: Live at Montreux in between PBS pledge drive annoyances.

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