March 5th, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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We had a bunch of chores we had to take care of today -- younger son is building a model of the Chrysler Building for a school science project and we needed materials, had stuff to get for my mother's birthday and our trip to England later in the month, younger son wanted new stuffed Peeps since he's not supposed to eat marshmallow Peeps, etc. Hebrew school carpool required long waits because of the Purim carnival (not that I'm complaining because we got both chocolate and raspberry hamantaschen), kids' school forms needed to be filled out and homework done...I don't know exactly where the day went! Here, have some cats:

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Dear Cherokee Nation, You suck as much as the people in Israel who wanted to keep Ethiopian Jews out for not being Jewish enough according to stupid racist standards. Watched the History Channel special on the Dark Ages, which was quite entertaining even though it didn't contain much information that was new to me and some of the experts interviewed couldn't pronounce the things they were talking about (the author PEET-rarch, the French ruler CLOH-viss). They took it pretty easy on the early Church and didn't even discuss the fact that there were rival churches in the era of Clovis -- if he had embraced local Arian Christianity instead of Catholicism, the history of Europe might be quite different. There were also fun reenactments of the lives of Theodora, Charles Martel, Charlemagne and the Venerable Bede, to whom I feel close because we were in Durham Cathedral which houses his remains.

Monday is going to be another insane day, with the vet and the kids' after-school is Tuesday with my mother's birthday party and an evening meeting at the magnet high school for prospective students. Eee! Am going to bed early, as I am still not feeling 100% and don't know at this point whether it's early allergies, a mild cold or my body being in a state of irritable disequilibrium.