March 8th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Another loony day. Took younger son to the orthodontist in the morning in the snow; ended up being there till nearly 11 because he needed several brackets moved around because he's lost so many teeth lately. Came home, tried to do what I thought would be a quick little daylight savings update to my T-Mobile phone, ended up having problems with Microsoft's system update that was necessary to make Windows Mobile sync with my desktop, took ages to discover that this is because Outlook has to be set as the default mail program for it to work. Arrgh. Won't even go into health annoyances of the day, it's all minor stupid stuff but lots of minor stupid stuff at once can really be draining.

Got part of my mother's birthday present ready. Picked up older son from the bus stop in the heaviest of the beautiful snow that fell all day, took younger son to violin, spent nearly the entire rest of the afternoon helping younger son with his Powerpoint presentation and model of the Chrysler Building that are due Friday. So I really have nothing else to report. Haven't watched this week's Rome yet, have no intention of watching this week's or any future BSG even though Collapse ), haven't had time to watch Torchwood which is what I really want to see!

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