March 12th, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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I was in the mood for that poem because we were watching An Inconvenient Truth on Showtime -- I had not seen it before, though I read Gore's 1990s book Earth in the Balance and have followed his involvement with ecology issues. (I've long admired Gore, voted for him over Dukakis in the 1988 primary, and I still wish we could have a Gore/Clinton or Gore/Obama 2008 ticket instead of whatever we're going to get. Sure I find him somewhat smarmy -- "My good friend Carl Sagan" and shots of him being a rock star in China -- and I wish I could push him to the left on a bunch of issues, but we could do a whole lot worse.) My kids naturally paid the most attention to the clip from Futurama but whatever works. "If we don't have a planet..."

We had been warned that Sunday would not be as nice a day as Saturday, which in reality meant that it was about five degrees cooler, thus still magnificent. Took us awhile to get going, between the clocks changing and younger son having Hebrew school, and we needed to get cat litter and stuff like that. So we went to Virginia, where we stopped in a shopping plaza and then went to Huntley Meadows Park, where the waterfowl were pairing off and the spring peepers were singing. Other than a noisy boy scout troop, there were not a lot of people, and although we did not see any snakes or herons this time, it was still a lovely afternoon.

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Came home and folded laundry while watching the unfolding of the Big Show. Despite blowing it in the ACC tournament, Maryland received a #4 seed and will play Davidson (in the Midwest for some reason, but if Florida can head up the Midwest, what do I know). My alma mater, Penn, won the Ivy title and got a #14 seed but is going to have to beat Texas A&M to get through the first round (in the South, logically enough). Other local schools did not do as well as last year *coughs* and I will root for GW (in the East!) but if things fall as planned, I might have to root for Georgetown over North Carolina, bleh.

The Madness of King George was On Demand, and I have been in a Helen Mirren mood since The Queen (I wish her role was bigger but she always makes the most of what minutes she has), and Evil Ian Holm is always an awesome thing, and Nigel Hawthorne is fabulous. And I adored seeing Windsor and the interiors of the castles and Parliament, and the costumes and set decoration are stellar, and Rupert Everett plays sleazy and self-interested so delightfully!