March 13th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Daylight savings is apparently catching up with me with a vengeance this evening so I will keep this short. Had a nice day having Middle Eastern food with gblvr, buying a step-stool at The Container Store and remembering via The Daily Reel why George Takei would be my boyfriend if I was his type (he explains that even if Tim Hardaway hates gays, gays don't hate Tim, then gives a long list of the physical attributes of Hardaway's they'd like to get to know). Watched last week's Rome, which we hadn't even realized we had missed -- we thought it was a rerun -- while waiting for this week's Rome to show up On Demand, though we will watch that one tomorrow. Was for the most part not at all amused. Collapse )

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Tuesday I finally get my stitches out! Yay!