March 17th, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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I slept late with a grumpy and out-of-sorts cat on my feet and the weather was dismal -- cold rain all morning, hail and snow all afternoon, no fun at all to drive in when I had to pick up the kids -- so most of what I did Friday worth mentioning involved the television. Wrote a review of "Where No One Has Gone Before". Recorded Anne of the Thousand Days, of which I saw very little -- just her execution, really, waiting for the movie to end, though I adore Burton and Bujold in that movie. Then recorded Spartacus -- the restored widescreen edition with the "oysters and snails" scene included -- and didn't see much of that either because it's over three hours long, but I saw enough to remember how much I loved it and to notice that the excessive bloodiness of Rome is really unnecessary to drive home how bloody and brutal Roman culture was, nor do you need onscreen sex to characterize someone as sexually indulgent. In the evening we watched The Prisoner's "A. B. and C." which has fun trippy drugs and paranoia, though I'm never clear who they think Number Six might sell out to.

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My sister, a Wisconsin alumna, will be glad the Badgers won, even though they're Michigan fans in her household because her husband went there. And I see that Virginia Tech beat Illinois and USC is about to knock off Arkansas. But I am only barely paying attention, since the TV is on and the sump pump is going and a cat is snoring next to me. Thanks so much everyone who sent healthy cat vibes! I'm behind on comments and stuff because I was out stressing about carpools on icy roads, shall try to get it together over the weekend. Happy St. Patrick's Day! *uses green icon so won't get pinched*