March 20th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I had a lovely afternoon with dementordelta, eating Thai food, watching Sweet November -- Jason Isaacs and Michael Rosenbaum in dresses, plus I think Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves might have been in the movie a bit too -- and talking about our respective upcoming trips to England. (elanor_isolda, I had something I intended to send with her for you and I forgot to give it to her...must get it to you some other way!) Delta and I are going to miss overlapping in London by a day, waah -- lots of days out of chat communication! I also dragged her to younger son's school for a little while because the structures they built for science were on display. My son did the Chrysler Building out of styrofoam and paper with a Powerpoint presentation that he did entirely himself. Some of the buildings looked as if they had varying degrees of, shall we say, assistance:

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Rushed through a couple of Trek XI rumor articles, ate dinner, watched Digging For the Truth which this evening was about Petra, both the architectural and political-cultural history, which was fascinating even though everyone interviewed felt it necessary to bring up Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Then watched this week's Rome, though it depressed me much as last week's did. I'm not sorry the series is coming to an end; as I've said, I knew that many stories had to end unhappily and many characters were probably going to be made to pay for mistakes they had made earlier, but there's really not a single character I feel good about or root for at this point. Everyone's lying in the beds they made (in some cases, like Livia's, literally), but there's none of the manic, delightful energy of the early episodes when even venal, selfish and cruel behavior on the part of Atia, Servilia, Caesar and Antony did not make them despicable. Collapse )