March 21st, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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The themes of this entry will be cats and Boston Legal, so if both those things bore you, you might as well skip it. perkypaduan and I went to the mall to get my key duplicated so she can get into my house and bond with Rosie and Cinnamon while I am in England, ate at the new Mediterranean place in the food court and looked at tchotchkes (I bought such very important things as a penguin pencil for younger son, a "Video Games! Why Waste Technology On Medicine?" magnet for older son, and a pair of goofy $6 rainbow-colored earrings for me). Then we came back here, neglected the aforementioned cats who were demanding food, and watched the fishing and spa episodes from last season's BL (the one where Alan says he and Denny are lovers and they sleep together, and the one where Denny explains to their manicurists that they like to go fishing together a la Brokeback Mountain). When BL is good, it is very very good, and when cats are bad, they are...

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Had a bit of carpool chaos since younger son got out of Hebrew school at the same time older son got off the late bus because he stayed for chorus rehearsal. apaulled picked up Ledo's Pizza because it was a fundraising night for the school, and my stomach is apparently quite annoyed with me for eating it. So I was rather distracted during the new BL episode, though I liked all three storylines and was bummed that Denny's argument with Bethany about Israel got such short shrift. Collapse )