March 23rd, 2007

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Poem for Friday

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Went to Barnes & Noble where I expected to meet my mother for lunch, but she was on the phone all morning and running so late that we ended up not meeting. Since I was there, though, I bought a collection of Irish poetry and a book on digital photo editing off the bargain table as well as the book I went there to get in the first place: Andre Aciman's Call Me by Your Name after the rave review in The Washington Post this morning (second rave I read, The New York Times loved it too). I've only read about 20 pages but it's magnificent...heady sexy dreamlike storytelling about first love and nostalgia, one of my favorite genres. He writes about romantic-erotic obsession as well as anyone I have ever read, except perhaps Shakespeare and Margaret Anderson (note: I hate talking about books I love, grad school did that to me). Anyway, the first chapter is here if anyone's interested.

Had a relatively low key day otherwise...felt like I was getting a migraine but then the rain arrived in the evening and my head cleared. We had to take Rosie back to the vet to get her mouth checked, which so far looks good, and I had the very great pleasure of writing up a Shatner birthday article about the renewal for a fourth season of Boston Legal. Watched Smallville, which I have pretty much nothing to say about except Collapse )

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Collapse ) delivered my inexpensive, decent quality headset earlier, and now half_elf_lost has taken my Skype virginity, heh. Am waiting for my first time on Google Talk. And I'm still so excited to have discovered so I can send text messages for free from Europe!