March 24th, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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With the exception of writing a review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Lonely Among Us" and the site columns for TrekToday, I spent nearly all morning and early afternoon reading Call Me Your Name, which is every bit as extraordinary as all the reviews say. It also has the hottest gay lovemaking scene that I have ever read, even though it doesn't involve sex exactly but sharing a peach. I will quote for posterity two paragraphs where the narrator, Elio, describes his emerging feelings: Collapse )

The rest of my day involved retrieving the kids and going out to dinner with my parents at a seafood restaurant near my father's new building to celebrate apaulled's birthday -- a night early since his parents are coming on the day, though that may be a somewhat subdued visit, as his mother's brother died of cancer on Friday and they are leaving Sunday for the funeral. I only met the uncle once and apaulled has not seen him since that same visit more than ten years ago, but his parents were just up visiting and I imagine it's always hard to lose a sibling no matter how much physical distance there may be between you. After the excellent meal -- younger son and I split lobster tails -- we went to see my father's office, then went back to my parents' for cake. I spent the past couple of hours watching Torchwood (more on that below) and am now catching up on NCAA action we missed.

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In the past two days, all of a sudden it looks like spring has really arrived. The fact that it has been 70+ degrees surely has something to do with that. Seemingly overnight, flowers have broken out all over my neighborhood:

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My kids were gloating to see that The Wii is bowling over retirees. Oh dear.