April 13th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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Once again I am Too Damn Tired To Move [TM] and it's not even 10:30 as I type this. Had a nice day, got some things done like lots of photo cropping and uploading plus I sorted my souvenirs for people. Had lunch with gblvr at Macaroni Grill, went shopping at Target for some necessities and a few frivolous things, tried to catch up on fannish news and realized I actually don't want to understand what set off the latest SGA kerfluffle. Wish I lived in the UK so I could be properly obsessed with Doctor Who but it's hard getting it delayed and anyway I'm sure I'd manage to say something politically incorrect about Martha at some point. My kids love it, at least, though I had to insist on not playing with remote control Dalek when I supervised younger son and his best friend's homework. Saw my mother for awhile, tried to make a dent in a stack of e-mails, had pizza for dinner because we were too lazy to come up with anything else.

Am contemplating the fact that in two weeks overseas, despite changing weather patterns, knocked-off sleep patterns, pollen and schlepping and eating at weird hours and that time of the month, I never got a migraine, and am thinking I seriously need to note whenever I eat anything with corn in it in any form. I was very aware that everything I ate there, from Kelloggs bran cereal in the morning to Nestle chocolate at night, was missing the corn syrup we get in every mass food product and lots of restaurants, and while I have never had a consistent pattern with headaches in terms of what I eat, that might be because I get corn in so many things I don't even think to check the labels or ingredients for.

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Have comments I was supposed to answer, e-mails I was supposed to send, phone calls I was supposed to make, work I was supposed to get finished, laundry I was supposed to fold and stuff I was supposed to read, but it's not going to happen tonight. Hey, if you have news, leave me a comment, pretty please? Happy Friday the 13th!