April 17th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Doesn't feel much like spring here, even though we're past the mid-point of April...I want to go back to sunny Cardiff! There was power off all over the area on Monday following rains and flooding Sunday and then several trees down overnight in high winds...a huge tree across the road in my neighborhood, though we didn't lose power overnight but my parents had none for 18 hours or so. Our power was off for several hours from late morning until late afternoon. Fortunately I had no electronics running when it went out, as I was out to lunch with dementordelta eating Mexican food, who brought me naked Daniel Radcliffe an Equus program and goodies from London.

We decided to go see The Namesake, which was wonderful...Kal Penn (whom I most recently saw in a totally inane role in Epic Movie) as the titular character, and the wonderful Tabu as his mother and the gorgeous gorgeous Zuleikha Robinson from Rome as his wife. I love Mira Nair -- have only seen Mississippi Masala, Monsoon Wedding and Vanity Fair from among her films, I really need to rent Salaam Bombay -- and the family journey in this one, the enjoying new freedoms vs. maintaining one's cultural background dilemma was played out beautifully across two generations. The female characters are very well written, even the relatively unsympathetic ones. Highly recommended.

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Have been watching the news all evening in a state of shock. What a nightmare for everyone at Virginia Tech and everyone who knows anyone there -- hope everyone connected here is safe and sound as well as your loved ones.