April 20th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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Neither of our laptops allowed me to load LiveJournal or several other web sites until about five minutes ago. This meant in essence that I could not watch TV and use the computer at the same time, though for some reason my own computer never had a problem. Husband's initial helpful response was to spend all evening downloading Grateful Dead concerts...oh wait, he does that every evening. I was sure it must have something to do with the router and the way it communicates with the DNS servers, and since the modem is on top of his computer and I really can't do anything with it from here, and he had both laptops going simultaneously to feed his music fetish, I had to wait until he was ready to look at the sites I was telling him to look at to see if we could figure out how to fix it, which ultimately we did (it was the MTU setting -- don't ask me what it means, I just now know where it needs to be set).

Anyway, I couldn't watch Shark and was pretty distracted during Smallville...saw enough not to feel like I was missing much, even with Lynda Carter, even though it looked pretty Chloe-centric with minimal Lana except in her usual Bimbo In Distress role, which leads me to believe that maybe it is time just to give up. Collapse ) What else? Fun report on efforts to create a deflector shield to protect astronauts from radiation. Not all that exciting report on Grand Slam last weekend, of which my favorite tidbit was that Colm Meaney invited his television wife, Rosalind Chao, to his real-life wedding last month and that Marc Alaimo and Nana Visitor appeared onstage together for the first time ever (oh man would I have loved to see that -- when he and Louise Fletcher appeared together at Grand Slam, she got asked whether Marc was a good kisser and things went straight downhill from there in the best possible ways). I finally have a Facebook page. And I'm tired and drained from the events of the past few days, and worrying about older son's long field trip when a kid in his grade was just expelled for having a weapon and a hit list, so back to something spiritually uplifting...

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