May 1st, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Had a busy but extremenly entertaining Monday, marred only by the fact that younger son appears to be genuinely ill and not just troubled by allergies...he had a bit of a fever in the evening, though Advil seems to have brought that down. My day started bright and early taking him to the orthodontist, where it took them nearly an hour to get done with him, then one of his replaced brackets popped off and it took even longer! I rushed to get him to school, then went out to get pie for dementordelta who was already at my house by the time I got home (I agreed to provide California Tortilla and dessert, she agreed to provide Alan Rickman behaving badly in a pinstripe suit, so I definitely got the better part of the deal). Collapse )

By the time dementordelta and I were done making screen caps and watching old Today and The View interviews, younger son had come stumbling in, feeling too sick to go to Mad Science even though it's the last one of the year...and thus the last one of his elementary school career, which is rather sad. Watched Heroes, which has come dangerously close to jumping the shark for me a couple of times and alternate futures are almost always bad news (Voyager did several atrocious ones and "Children of Time" is one of my least-favorite Deep Space Nine episodes, though admittedly that has everything to do with Odo and Kira rather than the idea of finding one's own descendants. I'm up and down on this week's episode for that reason and others. Collapse ) And here, as promised, are some azalea photos from Sunday:

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I see from reporting Trek news that James Doohan's ashes finally made it into space, which also means that the first commercial spaceport is officially in business. In my lifetime. This pleases me in a similar way that the existence of the internet pleases me, though at a greater distance because I am far less likely ever to use it.

And a joyous Walpurgisnacht and Beltane to everyone! I am celebrating this weekend with my circle but will certainly spend some time Tuesday with my goddesses.