May 2nd, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Younger son is still not feeling well, so I stayed close to home in case he decided he needed to leave school early and ended up taking him to the doctor. She could find nothing specifically wrong -- the quick strep test was negative, it didn't sound like he had bronchitis and his sinuses, while irritated, don't look badly infected -- but his temperature was 101 by the time we got there, so she said he should definitely stay home from school, suck on popsicles, get lots of rest and fluids and if he's not a lot better by Thursday then she wants to see him again. So I guess I am having a quiet day at home on Wednesday.

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Obviously my Beltane was not revel-filled, though I lit candles, read a bit of poetry, took a walk through the neighborhood looking at all the spring flowers and ate Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that my parents brought from my sister's daughter. I also wrote up a rather interesting interview with Armin Shimerman -- I have interviewed him several times myself, and he always has good things to say about DS9 and BTVS and is engaged with both national politics and the Screen Actors Guild. Plus he has been on Boston Legal, which started out looking like it was going to be all crack, all the time this week and ended up doing two whopper serious stories and two with big implications for the characters...this show is always surprising me in good ways. Collapse )

Two Washington landmarks burned down yesterday -- the 134-year-old Eastern Market and the Georgetown branch of the D.C. Public Library, with the irreplaceable Peabody Collection of Civil War-era paintings, maps and newspapers. And the president proved yet again that he is living in his own authoritarian bubble, but at least the pentacle headstones have arrived at Arlington, so when the president gets Wiccan Americans killed in Iraq, they can be buried as they would wish.