May 3rd, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Had a quiet kid-oriented day mostly at home with younger son, who was feeling better but still coughing, though he felt well enough to go to violin. Then we went to get older son from his school chorus festival, where several local middle and high school choruses plus an adult barbershop quartet were performing. They've just announced that the principal of the magnet high school where he will go next year, who has been there since I graduated high school in 1984, is leaving at the end of this school year...sigh. We stopped at Best Buy to get younger son Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea as a consolation prize for missing the Mad Science party, and I discovered the existence of wall outlet adapters that let you charge anything that can be powered via theory we could charge my phone, everyone's MP3 player and my husband's Palm and Blackberry using the same adapter. And I'm still all impressed by the Power Squid that lets you plug in multiple transformers without each crowding the other off the power strip.

Son has also obtained a list of all the new Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and has spent all night asking me questions like, "Which do you like better, Bidoof or Empoleon?" (the correct answer being the latter, because it is some kind of penguin Pokemon -- there are correct answers to opinion questions in this house). When we finally managed to get them to bed (actually, as I type this, older son is still technically brushing his teeth but he is about to have his gaming privileges revoked for the entire month of May), I put on The Search for John Gissing for apaulled, who pointed out the many ways in which both the script and Binder's performance were reminiscent of earlier Woody Allen movies. Strangely, he did not demand that we rewind and watch The Scene With The Chair five times. *snicker* (Incidentally, the lyrics to the song from That Scene are here.)

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I did manage time before dinner to take a walk around the neighborhood with the new camera, partly to see what it could do and partly to record all the gorgeous local gardens this spring, where our azaleas are still in full flower and there are lots of tulips, pansies and more exotic flowers. Yeah, not going to catch up on life otherwise this week. Ah well, tomorrow is another day!