May 4th, 2007

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Poem for Friday

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All my excitement of the past day has been dermatological. My father, who had a melanoma removed from his chest many years ago, had another mole test carcinogenic and had the surrounding tissue removed -- they'll tell him if the margins are clear next week -- and I decided that I've had enough of the spot where I had a mole removed (which tested only mildly abnormal, fortunately) itching and looking infected and driving me insane, so I went to the doctor, who concluded that a tiny filament of suture might still be caught beneath the skin but couldn't find it even after cutting it open again. All I can say is that this cream they gave me to put on it in lieu of Neosporin/Bacitracin had better work, because the irritation is making me irritable with everyone. And I have NO tolerance for fannish wank of any sort so am simply hiding from all fandom everywhere.

Trek news was fun today: interviews with George Takei and Alexander Siddig, both of whom are always interesting and unafraid to be controversial. Takei gave up some information about Mr. Nakamura on Heroes and talked about Nakamuras and Samurai in his own family, while I had to visit Al Jazeera's web site to look up the official information on the Siddig interview, which had been posted on YouTube and linked by his official web site, so now Bush's FBI is probably tracking all my online activity (Al Jazeera was not high on any list of web sites I ever wanted to visit because their anti-Israel bias is so flagrant -- this isn't just opposition to the occupation, it's about Israel's existence -- but the piece on Hollywood portrayals of Arabs also featured Tony Shalhoub and Omar Sharif and was quite interesting).

In the evening we finally watched the last hour of Spider-Man 2, figuring we should actually see it before everyone we know sees Spider-Man 3, though I suspect we won't be seeing that one for months and months either. And Smallville finally did an episode that kept me smiling throughout! Jimmy should hallucinate being Bogart every week! Because Kristin Kreuk's acting limitations may be patently obvious in a contemporary drama, but the stylized emotion is perfect for film noir, and Tom Welling is delightful in that genre as well, while people like Michael Rosenbaum, Erica Durance and particularly John Glover absolutely eat the scenes. Collapse ) Also watched the season finale of Shark, which as usual had gaping plot holes and as usual I forgave it because I like James Woods and Jeri Ryan on that show, particularly together, particularly reminding me of Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges in Fatal Attraction only without Stark being a murderer. Collapse )

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Obviously I did not watch the Republican massdebate (as my father would joke). Giuliani is welcome to hate abortion so long as he keeps saying it's ultimately a woman's choice, but I still wouldn't vote for him over any of the major Democrats and all the Reagan worship in the clips turns my stomach. Saw some clips of the Queen in Virginia but mostly all I could think was that that was the brightest pink hat I've ever seen her wearing. *g* Ah well, she's never going to be my mother-in-law anyway. One of my college roommates, who has been trying for years to have children, had twins last week and I just found out and am really happy for her. So I figured I would share the good news!