May 5th, 2007

little review

Poem for Saturday

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It was a stunningly beautiful Friday and I got to spend a decent amount of it outdoors. Had lunch with gblvr at an outside table at Tara Thai, wandered around Barnes & Noble a bit, looked unsuccessfully for goslings who seem to be late this year, like the azaleas. Came home and wrote a review of "Hide and Q", which is a particularly frustrating episode because it shows hints of the greatness that will appear in the later Q's worth watching just for the scene where John de Lancie and Patrick Stewart swap soliloquies from Macbeth and Hamlet, but Riker is so boring as a god!

Took the kids to a friend's house to trade new Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl, drove through that neighborhood admiring the flowers, had dinner with my parents who have just had all their windows replaced and are now having new siding put on their house so there is construction equipment everywhere. Have spent the evening listening to Sylvia Tosun, organizing lots of downloaded photos, videos and music not yet transferred to the external hard drive where I keep such files, and celebrating virtual Beltane.

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I adore the Bigfoot Protection Plan. Oh those crazy Canadian MPs -- but they'll get protection for whooping cranes and blue whales if it passes. I want someone like that in Congress!