May 6th, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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My in-laws came down from Hanover to see younger son play soccer, though younger son is still not feeling a hundred percent and in fact came back and collapsed and fell asleep on the couch for the night at 7 p.m. His team has had a very rough season -- most of the good players from last season went on to competitive county teams, while my son, who is personally very noncompetitive, has missed half of every practice because it's Tuesday right when Hebrew school ends, leaving him no time to have dinner. He was really in no shape to be running up and down the field this weekend and was in a pretty cranky mood. It drizzled all through the game and I think he probably got chilled, which didn't help matters. We came home and had California Tortilla while watching the Kentucky Derby, but he didn't finish his burrito and was too cranky to play chess with his grandpa.

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Otherwise it was a quiet day except online...for the first time really since I've been on either, I got spam comments at both LiveJournal (from some white supremacist nutcase) and GreatestJournal (from someone trying to get me to visit some sales web site). I had turned public commenting off at MySpace because I got a lot of "Want to Make $95,000 Filling Out Surveys?" comments and messages, but I've never had anything like that at GreatestJournal and the white supremacist nutcase hit all my journals here, even though they are not linked except by my friends list, from several different user IDs so I had a bunch of comments to delete and report in each place. Ugh. Sunday younger son is going to a Hebrew school outing at an amusement park if he feels well enough and my circle is celebrating Beltane. So no big expeditions this weekend, but at least the laundry will get done!