May 8th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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You can thank The Tudors for the poem, since Wyatt was writing it in the sixth episode which I finally got around to watching (he read it to Thomas Tallis, who's delightfully a bit gay in this production.) I got to watch while finally getting the laundry folded, though it was a near thing, because younger son came home and announced that he had to have pine cones for a math project, and the pine cones in our neighborhood were rejected because they didn't have the right swirl patterns to determine how many of the little pointy bits were going clockwise or counterclockwise, thus requiring my husband and my parents to check out the pine cones near where they live and work before apaulled finally came home with five that passed muster.

Otherwise, it was a quiet day...wrote up a bunch of trivial Trek news (including Doohan's ashes gone missing as the rocket payload is lost somewhere in the New Mexico mountains), took a long walk because it was so gorgeous out, and ate very little because I have a cankersore right where my tongue hits the inside of my mouth and it hurts like hell when I eat. Watched Heroes, a.k.a. My Mother Made Me Do It; was pleased to see various plot threads converging (hey, they did have a plan!) but am still not liking some of the characterization, namely: the Petrelli love is lost on me. Collapse )

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