May 9th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I had another quiet day...the sore in my mouth is better but my stomach was off, maybe because I ate so erratically yesterday, and I ended up doing stupid lie-around-the-house things like putting my own photos in my MySpace layouts. Wrote three silly Star Trek articles -- Walter Koenig on how he hopes Chekov has a bigger part this time around, Kate Mulgrew on how so many actresses are self-absorbed, they think about things like Lincoln's assassination only in terms of how it impacts them (*snickers and refrains from comments*), Roy Jenson dying and, despite being a World War II veteran, a professional football player and a longtime actor, being remembered most of all for reading the Sacred Text of E Plebnista. Took younger son to Hebrew school and stopped in to see the mobile he helped buy for the youth lounge, started cooking dinner which my husband finished in between rides to and from soccer practice, waved to older son in passing as he was walking home while I was carpooling. And I witnessed a domestic crisis:

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Enjoyed reading about the brightest supernova on record, and scientists worrying about what will happen when a huge star closer to Earth explodes -- I always find it rather hopeful to think that human life on Earth may be destroyed by natural processes rather than because humans wreck the environment or launch nuclear missiles, as warped as that sounds. The local news was horrific -- a kid killed in a freak accident when a soccer goalpost fell on him -- so I barely paid attention to the Fort Dix situation or the Queen's departure. But I did really enjoy Boston Legal, which this week decided to take on Guantanamo and torture, in between bouts of Shirley warning Jerry not to make any moves on Denny's boyfriend. My love for this show knows no bounds even when it is total screeching crack, but when it hits on something serious, it's even better. Collapse )