May 10th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I spent a big chunk of the afternoon with younger son at the orthodontist. The good news: IF his bracket doesn't pop off again (which is a big if, as this is the one that popped off last week while we were leaving the office and was again loose when we got there today), he gets the braces off and gets a retainer in a month. He already has plans to eat gummy worms and caramel apples. I had to bring him home for lunch since he couldn't eat his sandwich with a newly glued bracket, so we had tuna panang stew before I took him back to school for the afternoon. Then I had maybe an hour to clean up and get organized before he came home and I had to drive him to violin.

Star Trek news was fun today: rudimentary replicators! I am a total geek for all the scientific advancements that parallel Trek tech (the original New York Times article was titled "Beam It Down From the Web, Scotty"). I am a bit worried about Griffith Observatory, which was just renovated for many millions of dollars -- including $1 million donated by Leonard Nimoy for a new theater -- but all the articles say that it's nearby homes and not the observatory itself that's in the greatest danger. There's a Frank Lloyd Wright house we visited not far from there and the Batcave isn't that far away either. Hope no one here is near the danger!

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Everyone here who will care has probably known this for months, but it took iTunes recommending it to me -- after a long list of annoying Christian rock hits because I bought one Amy Grant song, sheesh -- for me to discover that Russell Crowe and The Ordinary Fear of God, the new TOFOG, recorded "Darby's Castle" on The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferson. (I blame Russell for every cent I have spent in iTunes because I only downloaded the program in the first place when it was the only way to get My Hand, My Heart!) I'm not a huge Kristofferson fan but there's some good stuff on here -- Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis -- and of course I had to have the Russell track!

Also discovered that Mike Binder has a MySpace page and he says The Search For John Gissing will be out soon on DVD! Only available online! But available at least!