May 11th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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Not a lot to report for Thursday. I had a quiet morning shuffling papers and listening to John Barrowman at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage from 2002, then I had lunch and conversation about TV, politics and travel in the UK with miriya_b at La Madeleine (I don't care how many grams of fat are in their tomato bisque, it's worth it) and wandered into AC Moore Arts & Crafts, where I got some really cheap beads and jewelry findings and a $3.75 long-sleeve blue shirt.

The TrekToday site owner's student film was nominated for a student Academy Award, so he was off celebrating, meaning the only news that got covered was J.J. Abrams threatening to put Keri Russell in Star Trek XI (she'll go so well with Greg Grunberg and Jennifer Garner...maybe the three of them will play Kirk, Spock and McCoy, since Abrams' other favorite, Tom Cruise, apparently isn't available). And watched "Haven" to review on Friday -- an episode that held up much better than memory, for a change -- and Smallville, which gets positive points for giving Lois lots to do and giving Chloe a decent amount to do and having Lionel present, but negative points for Lex in the role of Emperor Palpatine and a phrase about Martha's political future that I said to apaulled several minutes before Chloe said it to Clark. Collapse )

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The Nielsen ratings people have offered me $50 a month to let them track my internet usage. I'm trying to decide whether the lack of surfing privacy, which I sort of assume I don't have anyway (am sure there must be hidden cookies, spyware, etc. I missed) is worth the trade-off, since they swear they are only interested in me as a statistical sample and not if I'm reading porny fan fiction in one window while doing work-related research in another.